Manu Michael, UK Ambassador

Manu Michael

Manu Michael grew up in Paris, France and moved to the kite surfing mecca of ‘Tarifa’, Spain.  He has lived there for almost 20 years and enjoys all action sports including, surfing, kite surfing, rock climbing, down-hill mountain biking, and Evolve Skateboarding.  He also adores the, perhaps, less adventurous activity of eating entire tubs of chocolate spread in a single sitting with only a teaspoon. His days are spent teaching kite surfing to Tarifa’s hardcore visitors; his favourite way to commute - his Evolve Skateboards.  Manu is most regularly seen carving up and down Tarifa’s promenade, his dogs, Maya and Neska, trailing behind.

Facebook: takeofftarifa
Facebook: EvolveSkateboardsES