Common Electric Skateboard Mistakes

Common Electric Skateboard Mistakes

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It's way too easy for riders to jump on their new board, connect it and go. Understanding how the board works, as a vehicle, forms a base for everything you will be doing. Here, we highlighted 5 common mistakes that we see riders make and how to avoid them.

Electric Skateboard Mistakes #1:
Skipping The Basics

When unboxing your Evolve electric skateboard, it's nice to spend some time playing around before hitting the road. Learn how the board and remote responds, so you can apply the right amount of acceleration or braking to the given situation without being jerky on the triggers. Sounds very boring but reading the manual is super important to make the most of your experience with your electric skateboard. Going through the manual you will know what we mean when we talk about your speed limiter, dead man switch, wheel settings, and trigger settings. That will make your life much easier down the track. This one goes hand in hand with not spending adequate time getting used to your board.

Electric Skateboard Mistakes #2:
Using The Wrong Stance

There isn't one stance that is perfect for all situations, but a good starting point is to make sure your legs are wide apart and knees slightly bent. With the body straight let your feet perpendicular to the position of the skateboard. Shoulders should be in line with your feet, keep your back straight and look straight ahead. Remember that foot placement does vary person to person, but the closer your front foot is to the front truck, the more control you will have.

To find balance on the skateboard, shift your weight from right to left and back and forth, to find the most comfortable position and get familiar with your weight distribution. Shifting forward and backward compensates for acceleration and braking, and of course, side to side is how you turn.

electric skateboard mistakes about wrong stance

Electric Skateboard Mistakes #3:
Jerky Carves

For most people, carving is the best thing about Evolve Electric Skateboards, as it replicates the surf-snowed feeling, but it's so much better when you do it right. A common mistake we see is riders don't maintain a consistent speed throughout a carve, and it's much harder to keep balanced. Pick a good speed, maintain it and hold your body positioning steady throughout the carve.


Electric Skateboard Mistakes #4:
Understand Trigger Resets

The R2 remote works by having a set of start and stop values for each of the triggers. If you crash, drop your remote or even just knock it around too much, these values may become untrue. You will need to do a trigger reset to recalibrate your remote back to factory settings. Every Evolve rider should be aware of how to do this, as it's part of your boards' maintenance. 


Electric Skateboard Mistakes #5:
Flat Tyres and Tight Belts

At Evolve, we get countless inquiries about people not getting the original range out of their board that they did when it was new, or they are having issues with overheating. Very often, they simply need to pump up their tires, as flat tires dramatically increase rolling resistance. Tight belts can also have a similar effect. 

electric skateboard mistakes about lack of maintenance

Another issue we see in our service department is overtightened bushings. If you are a heavy rider, or just prefer a stiff board, tightening up your kingpin nuts until the bushings bulge is not the right solution. Get yourself some harder durometer ones, and it will stiffen up your ride while having a smoother ride feel. Stability at a high speed comes with experience and new riders shouldn't attempt it until they build up their skill level. That said, there are a few things that you can do to help your stability. Make sure your trucks aren't super loose. You want the majority of your weight on your front foot and lower your centre of gravity, as this helps the board continue in a straight line. 

electric skateboard bushings

EXTRA!!! Here are some simple things people should know:

⚠️ Don't leave your board plugged in constantly. 

⚠️ Don't leave it in a super hot car.

⚠️ Don't leave it in a super cold car. 

⚠️ Charge it to 100% when you first get it.

⚠️ Store it at 30 to 50%, if you're leaving it for long periods of time without riding.

If you have questions or concerns, the Evolve customer service team is here to help.

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