Commuting On An Electric Skateboard

Commuting On An Electric Skateboard

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Since we first launched Evolve, we designed our boards for surfers and snowboarders who absolutely love chasing that endless wave feeling. As the electric skateboards industry is evolving, what we've seen in recent years is our customers now using their boards as a transportation device. The stress caused by congestion and very competitive and expensive parking spots in large cities has made people look for other means of transportation to get to work. To ride an electric skateboard, all you need is a power plug, electricity and helmet. No driver's license is necessary 🤪

There's not a lot of small electric vehicles that can take you 50 km in range, get up to speeds of 40 km an hour, that you can carry under one arm, take on a bus, a train, and slide under your work desk. An Evolve Skateboard is a very powerful vehicle in a very compact package.


  1. Money & Time Saver

While the boards are not overly cheap, when you compare them to other vehicles of similar performance, you really see the value in our boards. You'll be saving money on fuel, registration, bus fares, parking fees, Ubers, and the ongoing costs of charging and servicing our boards are incredibly low.

other modes of transport compared to an electric skateboard


Last year, the daily commute time for Australian workers in metropolitan areas was, on average, 66 minutes. More recently, with the transition of work-from-home due to COVID-19 outbreak, we see a level of disruption across transport modes. Which includes short commuting, especially locally. As we are commuting shorter distances, an electric skateboard is a perfect vehicle to go around the neighbourhood for shopping, working or just for fun!

2. Last Mile Transport

Our skateboards are a convenient way to get around. If you have a long commute ahead of you, you could always use an Evolve Skateboard to go the last few miles of your journey. Forget about the long walk from the train station, or even park outside the city in a free car park. Whatever your journey consists of, there's always a solution. 

3. Enjoy The Commute

Don't underestimate how good it feels enjoying the ride to and from work. You can carve it up and enjoy your skate even if the destination is your 9:00 until 5:00.

4. Green Transport Is The Future

It's undeniable that green transport is the way of the future. With cities realising that they need to manage the environmental impacts of people's commutes and legislation changing all around the world to support this, it's a perfect time to jump on an electric vehicle. A study shows that emissions of highly oxidizing pollutants are almost four times higher in cars (18.5 mg) than in buses (4.9 mg). This means that cars emit about 71% of pollutants in the city, against 25% of buses.

By choosing an electric skateboard as the main form of transport, you stop emitting any greenhouse gas and other components of fossil fuels. It is worth mentioning that greenhouse gases block the exit of solar radiation and contribute to global warming. In addition, an electric skateboard, being much smaller than any automotive vehicle, avoids traffic jams and makes getting around faster. Another positive point would be the gain of space in the cities with the replacement of the car by the bicycle, which could be destined for countless other purposes for the benefit of the population.

5. Mental Health Benefits 

Research suggests that physical activity releases chemicals in your brain that positively affects your mood and reduces stress levels. When we spend time outdoors or practising exercise our body releases endorphins, the well-being hormone.  Many customers report huge benefits to their mental health and breaking up the daily grind.

Here is what customers have to say about their personal experiences using their boards to get to work.

What Do Some Of Our Riders Say

"I would say Electric skateboarding is better than public transportation because you can get everywhere on your own time. Normally, when I take the subway in the morning, it takes me 35 to 45 minutes waiting on trains. When I skate, I can get to my office in as little as 17 minutes. It's also really fun. I look forward to my four-mile ride over the Williamsburg Bridge into Brooklyn every day. Especially now during Corona times, having a way to get around the city without getting close to people is really important. I don't have a car, so I really depend on my skateboard to get me everywhere. It's also, right now, probably one of the safest and best ways to get around New York City."

"I've been riding an Evolve Skateboard for the past two and a half years. It's just so practical and it's just so much fun, I can't see why anyone wouldn't buy one. It's totally worth the investment"

- Andrew. UK

"Electric skateboarding is my main form of transportation. I don't have a car, I don't take public transit, and I don't bike. So the ease and reliability of my board is super important to me"

- Brandon. Chicago

"This is not just like a thing to play with that. You can actually use this to get from A to B really efficiently. 

Transitioning from longboards to an electric longboard literally is a game-changer.

- Parkour Twins. AUS

"Really helps you relax. Likewise, if you had a bad day at work, all your stresses are washed away by the time you skate home. If you're lucky enough not to get on public transport, then a GTR is perfect. It's 15 miles on, I recommend the 18 wheels to a comfort, get there in safety"

- Andy. UK


EXTRA! Things You Might Need

A good backpack is an absolute must if you're going to carry all your gear like a charger, your Y tool, a one-eighth Allen key, some nuts and bolts, and a spare set of belts. If you're on an all-terrain, don't forget a spare tube or a complete wheel.

electric skateboard charger electric skateboard Y tool

Protection is a really good idea when riding around in a city environment. A helmet is an absolute must. Do you want to go for that casual commuter look? Pick up one of these Lazy Rolling armoured jacket or low profile ISX knee and elbow pads.

Lazy Rolling jacket isx pads

Lastly, if you're putting serious miles on your board, you should keep up with regular maintenance. Check out our how-to playlist on how to do this. All you got to do now is get an electric skateboard and enjoy the journey.

View the full YouTube video here 👇

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