April 16, 2012

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Award winning high performance electric skateboards

At Evolve Skateboards we're passionate about creating the highest quality carving machines that incorporate the best longboarding concepts with the latest technology.

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The finer details of quality

You've heard us talk a lot about the importance of quality in all our skate and electrical parts but you may not realize that it goes right down to the tiny details of our electric skateboards.  We believe that all the small details add up, which is why we choose to only use the best quality for every component of our boards.  

For example, if you're already a fan of electric skateboards you may have heard of issues with other electric skateboard's drive belts breaking.  That's because more often than not they use a cheap 20 cent belt that's readily available but not reliable.  On the other hand our Evolve electric skateboards only use the highly respected USA 'Gates' belts and we can confirm that we've never had one break (whereas we've tried the cheaper alternatives on an earlier prototype and they haven't passed the test). 

We also use stainless steel screws that are counter sunk to give a long lasting and smooth looking finish to all parts of our boards.  

These may not be details that you would consider before buying an electric skateboard but they all add up to create the Evolve point of difference.

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October 12, 2013

I would like to buy one of your boards tomorrow.

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