June 11, 2015

Award winning high performance electric skateboards

At Evolve Skateboards we're passionate about creating the highest quality carving machines that incorporate the best longboarding concepts with the latest technology.

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Cruising with the Evolve Bamboo AT by SailVideoSystems

Video by SailVideoSystems: "5 years ago I saw the video Let Go by Loaded Skate boards,
Since that moment I wanted to Longboard downhill...
Well that never happened, first of all because we don't have serious hills in the Netherlands, second because that takes a lot of skill.
Now I am getting that same feeling of riding an endless wave while cruising with the Bamboo AT by Evolve Skateboards; an electric skateboard that will go up to 35km/hr and works offroad as well!
While shooting this video I was using a couple of GoPro Hero4 cams and various mounts including our 3rdPersonView mount (by http://www.sailvideosystem.com) and the handle mount (for the 3rdPersonView mount)
I hope you like the video, and can seriously recommend the Evolve electric skateboard, if you want that feeling of flying and riding an endless wave…"