Evolution of Our Electric Skateboards (Part 1) - Evolve Weekly Ep. 16

June 14, 2017

This week we have part 1 of our 2 part story on the evolution of our electric skateboards. In this video we cover the history of the first evolve skateboards prototype, evolve pintail, evolve snubnose, evolve bamboo gen 2 and the evolve carbon gen 1.

The first evolve skateboard was a prototype that Jeff built after coming back from a snowboard trip. Soon came the evolve pintail and snubnose which were the first production boards. The next upgrade was to the bamboo generation 2 and carbon generation 1 which evolve also released as all terrain electric skateboards.

Electric longboards have now become a popular transportation mode and great way to have fun. evolve are proud to be the leaders in their design and production.

Stay tuned at the end where we will show you a short teaser about something new to evolve skateboards!

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