June 14, 2017

Award winning high performance electric skateboards

At Evolve Skateboards we're passionate about creating the highest quality carving machines that incorporate the best longboarding concepts with the latest technology.

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Popular Questions Answered- Evolve Weekly Ep. 13

This week we bring you an in depth Q&A session with Jeff and some of the team regarding some of the questions we get asked about the most.

Questions covered include:
// Where does my board ship from?
// Am I pairing my remote properly?
// Is my remote cutting out while riding?
// Can I take my board on a plane?
// Where can I get my board serviced?
// What is the top speed of an Evolve board?
// What is the range of an Evolve board?
// Are the boards waterproof?
// How long does shipping take?
// Why does my board drop into ECO mode when the battery is at 20%?