Dear Customers,

Here at Evolve Skateboards Australia we are closely monitoring the Coronavirus situation and taking proactive precautions.

At this point in time, based on the advice from the Australian Department of Health, we are open for business as usual and will continue to ship our boards and accessories. We are following government guidelines closely, at the same time we have proactively introduced stringent new procedures to protect our customers and staff while continuing to deliver a high level of customer service and support!

Shipping times will remain the same as stated through our FAQ. We will also keep in close contact with our courier companies and pass on any relevant information.

It is our responsibility to provide a safe environment for our customers and team members. We have modified our in-store hygiene process to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. This information can be found in-store or by contacting our team.

For customers visiting our Gold Coast HQ, if you are feeling unwell or have been in contact with someone with any of the following symptoms, we kindly ask that you reschedule your visit for the future. Symptoms include:

  • Fever
  • Flu-like symptoms such as coughing, sore throat and fatigue
  • Shortness of breath

We understand that information is changing constantly so we ask that you please watch this space for any updates from our team.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during these uncertain times.


Evolve Skateboards Australia




R2 Remote Manual

GTR Manual

Stoke Manual

Do you do trade ins?

Unfortunately we do not offer a trade in service for older models.

I'm over 100kgs, can I still ride Evolve Boards?

We state that our maximum load for our boards is 100kgs, anything outside of this is outside of our guidelines and potential issues may not be covered under warranty. Extra load on top of our recommendations will affect the performance and overall range. Please avoid putting the board under stress for extended periods of time.

Are the boards waterproof?

Unfortunately our boards are not waterproof. The electronics, bearings and other components may be damaged due to water ingress and water damage is not covered by warranty. Riding in wet conditions is also very dangerous and may cause injury to yourself and others.

Do the boards have reverse?

There is no reverse function on our board. Just turn around and kick push ;)

Can you ride on the beach?

It is possible to ride the boards on hard sand. Please note that there is potential for the sand to get stuck in the components of the board and the corrosion from the salt water may harm the board. These factors are not covered under warranty if something were to go wrong. Make sure you keep your board clean if you were to venture near sand or salt water.

How do I customise my board

There’s nothing better than customising your board and adding a little bit of personality. Check out our YouTube customisation videos for inspiration.

What's the difference between the Carbon and Bamboo? – flexible or stiff?

The difference between the Bamboo and Carbon Fibre boards is the material that the deck is made out of.
The Bamboo Board will give flex to your ride. The flex is great because it helps absorb impact from the terrain, giving you a more natural feeling carve and a smoother ride. The Bamboo Boards feel more like a traditional longboard and has a slightly shorter wheelbase.
The Carbon Fibre Board is very stiff. The stiffness in the board offers amazing stability if you want to reach higher speeds or venture into some serious off-road terrain! It’s also the deck of choice for heavier riders. The Carbon aesthetics will grab attention from anyone passing by, so be ready.

What’s the range/charge time/speed?

Check out our comparison chart to see full stats on all our boards.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

We always recommend wearing a helmet and safety gear as sometimes you cannot predict what might happen on your adventures. In most areas, it is illegal to not be wearing a helmet.

What board do I have?

That’s a fair question with how many boards we’ve designed over the years! Check out our Which Board Do I Have? chart.



Can I use the GTR battery (standard and travel) and Bluetooth motor controller on my Carbon or bamboo GT board?

Sorry but the GTR electrical components are a different shape and size and cannot fit our earlier board designs.

What’s the difference between the GT series boards and the GTR series boards?

The GTR series boards is like the GT but on steroids! The GT skateboards were designed back in 2014, the GTR is the 2019 model.  Every part of the GTR board has been improved from build quality/strength, raw materials, electrical components, software and ride quality.  The GTR uses Bluetooth technology along with new patent pending battery technology which delivers an extremely smooth power delivery performance and is exhilarating to ride!

Will the new Bluetooth remote work with my old GT series board?

No.  The R2 Bluetooth remote can only communicate with the GTR Bluetooth motor controllers. The GT boards use Wifi communication when operating, the GTR uses Bluetooth communication when operating. If these remotes are swapped then the remote cannot pair to the motor controller.

Can I use the GTR motor on my GT board and visa versa?

No.  The GTR motors have custom water proof connectors and can only connect to the GTR Bluetooth motor controllers, they will not assemble to the GT motor controllers.

Can I take my GTR battery on a plane?

The standard 14Ah GTR battery (504wh) cannot be taken onto any plane due to being too large.  However, the 4.2Ah travel battery (151.2wh) can be taken onto a plane with airline approval prior to boarding.  The travel battery can only be stored in carry-on luggage, carry a maximum of 2 pieces per person and you must notify the airline during check-in (or in advance) that you have spare batteries in your possession.  Our travel battery is 151.2 watt hours in size and this fits within the 100 – 160 watt hours range. Please note, the smaller battery is a third of the size of the standard battery and will decrease the overall range by two thirds.

Will my old battery charger work on my GTR series skateboard?

No.  The GTR charging port is shaped like the letter D making it impossible to use any previous Evolve charger.  The GTR charger cannot fit any older Evolve board due to being a D shaped connector. The reason we changed the connector shape is to prevent people using non evolve chargers and potentially damaging the power flex battery.

Is my carbon or bamboo GTR series board waterproof?

No, the GTR board is not waterproof.  Having said that, we have made every effort to seal up the electrical enclosures to prevent water getting in in the event of being caught out in the rain when riding.  Riding in wet conditions is very dangerous due to slippery surfaces and can put stress on the wheel bearings and motors, not to mention you get wet and dirty when riding.

Will the Evolve app work with my GT board?

Anyone can use the Explore by Evolve app, however the over the air update features and the customise dial will only work on the GTR series boards due to Bluetooth connectivity.

How long will my battery last before it needs replacing?

Lithium Ion batteries can last up to 700-1000 cycles, however capacity will drop over time. Samsung 35e cells have an expected capacity drop of 40% after around 500 cycles. All battery life can vary depending on conditions surrounding its use and storage. Please see the Maintenance Tab for tips on making the most out of your battery.

Can I use my Carbon GTR battery on my Bamboo GTR board and vise versa?

No, each battery uses different connectors to assemble to the motor controller and they cannot fit between each other. 

Why is my GTR board losing top speed during my rides?

The GTR board will be its fastest when the battery has full charge.  As you use the skateboard the battery is losing power which results in a reduction in top speed during the ride.  Top speed will slowly reduce as the battery loses power. 

Why is my GTR Skateboard going into heat protection?

Heat protection will be activated when the motors or battery are extremely hot.  Different riding styles can effect heat in different ways.  For example, if riding on grass with consistent speed changes, for the board to have enough power to move the rider it must use maximum current which in turn heats up the motors very quickly which may cause the board to go into heat protection mode.  If the rider mostly rides fast speeds on hard surfaces with small amounts of grass and hills for longer periods of time then the entire electric system heats up more evenly and will most likely not reach the heat protection modes.  The motors do cool down very quickly by riding efficiently (holding a speed on hard surfaces) or letting it rest for a few minutes. The heat protection is necessary to protect the board from being over worked.


What street wheels should I pick?

We have a variety of street wheels available and you’re probably wondering which one is right for you? Well, what will you be using the board for?
What about extra grip for some serious carving? Check out the Orangatang Caguamas!
If you’re after the smoothest ride with a little extra top speed, you have to try the Evolve/ABEC 11 F1 107mm wheels.
For further information on our street wheel range check out our wheel comparison chart.

What’s the difference between the street wheels? Compound/grip/size

Larger wheel = higher speed + slower acceleration/torque
Smaller wheel = lower speed + faster acceleration/torque
Lower durometer wheel = softer wheel/more grip
Higher durometer wheel = harder wheel/slides more easily

What’s the difference in street gear size?

A smaller wheel or bigger gear will offer more torque.
A bigger wheel or smaller gear will increase top speed.

We have 2 different options for street gears. For stats on how this affects top speed see our wheel comparison chart



What currency are your prices in?

Australian dollars (AUD)

I have some questions before ordering, what’s the best way to contact you?

We’re always here to help! You can contact us in a variety of ways from phone, email, online chat or in person at our showroom on the Gold Coast. We get that it’s a big decision and we were all first time riders at some point so don’t be afraid to ask our friendly team anything and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

Is shipping included in the price?

Shipping costs are added to your order once your address has been added. If you are unable to add your address, please email us to get a shipping quote.

How long will my order take to arrive?

  • Domestic board deliveries will take 3 - 7 business days for customers on the East Coast of Australia and approx. 7 - 12 business days to WA, NT and regional areas.
  • Domestic accessory orders are shipped from Varsity Lakes, QLD 4227, click here for an estimate.
  • All international orders are shipped via Fedex. Deliveries can take approx. 6 days depending on your location.

How can I change my address or contact details?

Please call us directly or email our dispatch team.

(07) 5593 4999 or dispatch@evolveskateboards.com.au

Where is my order?

Please refer to your Shipping Confirmation Email for your tracking number. If you have not received this email, your order may not have been dispatched yet.

If you are experiencing issues or would like to raise a concern, please contact our team as soon as you can on (07) 5593 4999 (9am – 4pm AEST).

How do I track my order?

Please refer to your Shipping Confirmation Email for your tracking number. Please click on the tracking number and you will be redirected to the correct page.

If you are experiencing issues or would like to raise a concern, please contact our team as soon as you can on (07) 5593 4999 (9am – 4pm AEST).

My order was flagged as fraudulent, what do I do?

Evolve have recently been hit with a number of instances relating to credit card fraud. For this reason, we have tightened our security protocols to protect our business.

If you have any received an email or other communication from us regarding fraudulent activity within your order, please don’t hesitate to contact our Dispatch Team.

(07) 5593 4999 and line 3
9am - 4pm weekdays AEST

Is there a retailer near me?

Please check here.

Do they offer demo rides?

Demo rides are currently provided by the following retailers:

  • Action Sports WA
  • Twelve Board Store VIC
  • Highly Tuned Athletes VIC
  • Pushys ACT
  • Ben Buckler Boards NSW
  • Skater HQ NSW
  • Boardstore Noosa QLD
  • Skate Connection Ashmore QLD
  • Evolve HQ QLD


What is ZipMoney?

ZipMoney is a finance company that Evolve Skateboards work with to give our customers an option to finance their board. You apply once and zipMoney will give you a decision on the spot. If approved, the account can be used immediately to purchase wherever you see zipMoney at checkout. ZipMoney pay the retailer and the purchase can be dispatched or taken home straight away. The account is then paid back over time, with interest free terms.
Please note that zipPay, is different to zipMoney and will only allow a limit of $1,000.

Who can apply?

Anyone can apply who is an Australian resident, over 18 years old, is employed in some capacity, earns more than $300 per week, has a good credit history and has their own phone number and email address.

What is the limit?

Limits are set by ZipMoney, please contact them for further information.

What is the interest free period with Evolve?

The interest free period with zipMoney and Evolve Skateboards is 6 months.

What are the fees and minimum repayments?

Interest is incurred from 23.9% after the interest free period. A monthly account fee of $6.00 is only incurred when there is an outstanding balance. That means, no balance, no fees!

For further information on fees, check out the following link.

Can I use ZipMoney in-store?

Yes, you can! Please set up your account before coming in-store to make the process quick and effortless.

My account got rejected, what do I do?

Please contact zipMoney’s Customer Service Team for further information.

What are zipMoney’s contact details

zipMoney Customer Support is available through calling (02) 8294 2345 or via their chat, which is available when you log into the wallet (account).

Availability is between 9am and 9pm Mondays to Fridays, and 9am and 6pm Saturday and Sunday



How much is shipping?

We send boards via TNT Road Freight due to lithium battery transportation guidelines. Shipping rates are calculated at checkout once you have entered your address. Due to the size of our batteries all boards must be handled as dangerous goods (DG). Therefore, a DG fee of $40.00 will be included in the shipping cost of each consignment. Major towns and cities East of Australia can pay $55 - $75. WA, NT and Regional Areas can pay $75 - $120.

Accessories are shipped according to weight, which will be calculated at checkout once a shipping address has been entered. Usually it will cost between $8  - $24.

How long does shipping take?

Most accessories are sent via Australia post, and can take 3-5 days to arrive depending on the region. WA, NT and Regional Areas should expect to see their parcel within 7 - 14 days.

Boards are sent through TNT and require holding periods for Dangerous Goods Deliveries. Our boards must be handled as dangerous goods due to lithium battery regulations which may require a mandatory overnight holding period, which can affect shipping times. Please see the following for your location:

  • South East Queensland, 3 – 5 Business Days
  • Queensland, 5 – 7 Business Days
  • Rural Queensland, 7 – 12 Business Days
  • North Coast of NSW, 3 – 4 Business Days
  • NSW, 4 – 6 Business Days
  • Rural NSW, 7 – 12 Business Days
  • Victoria, 4 – 7 Business Days
  • Rural Victoria, 7 – 12 Business Days
  • ACT, 5 – 7 Business Days
  • South Australia, 5 – 7 Business Days
  • Rural South Australia, 7 – 12 Business Days
  • Western Australia, 7 – 12 Business Days
  • Rural Western Australia, 9 – 12 Business Days

Does my package need to be signed for upon arrival?

Most accessories orders are shipped through Australia Post and are sent with a safe drop option. They will most likely not require a signature.

All board orders will require a signature on delivery due to the cost of replacement if they go missing. Please ensure someone is present at the address you provide us with when the parcel is delivered.

Should you want to change your address, you can do so prior to dispatch with no charge. If your board has already left Evolve HQ you may be charged a redirection fee of approximately $10 - $30 as determined by TNT.

    Can you deliver to post office boxes?

    Only parts and accessories may be delivered to post office boxes, not boards.

    Will my order come in one box?

    Some parcels will come in two or more packages. If you have ordered a board and a helmet, a board with additional accessories, or a large order, please allow extra time as it will arrive separately.

    I'd like to change my order, who should I contact?

    Please call us directly or email our dispatch team at dispatch@evolveskateboards.com.au

    I'd like to return something, who should I contact?

    Please email us at ask@evolveskateboards.com.au and we will assist you.


    Please check here to see if you have a local distributor in your country.

    Will I need to pay customs fees?

    Some countries may have additional duties, taxes, or other charges applied through customs. We do not cover those costs and advise that you contact your country's customs office if you are unsure of what they may be.

    What currency are your prices in?

    Australian dollars (AUD)

    Is shipping included in the price?

    Shipping costs are added to your order once your address has been added. If you are unable to add your address, please email us to get a shipping quote.

    How are international orders sent?

    International deliveries are sent via Fedex and take approx. 6 days depending on your location. Full tracking details will be provided to you via email once your order has been dispatched.




    How long is the warranty?

    The warranty on all of our products purchased from Evolve Skateboards Australia is 12 months from the date of purchase.

    How do I claim a warranty?

    If you are experiencing any problems with your board or any of our other products, please get in contact with our Tech Support Team via email. Please attach any photographs or videos that can help explain your concern.

    How do I make sure I’m eligible for warranty if I bought my board from a retailer or second hand?

    Create a customer account on our website and once logged in go to EDIT. From there you can enter your contact and transaction details. Make sure to upload a clear photo of the proof of purchase which was included when the board was newly purchased.

    Warranty on second hand boards will be honoured as long as you have the proof of purchase and original purchaser’s details (first and last name and contact number or address). It’s best to run this by us prior to purchasing a second hand board to make sure the warranty is still valid.

    How long will my board take to get fixed?

    Service and warranty turnaround does depend on current workload, but is usually 3-5 business days from being checked into our system to being completed.

    Do you have any service centres outside of the Gold Coast?

    We currently do not have any authorised service centres outside of the Gold Coast in QLD, and for any warranty claims the equipment in question must come into our HQ.

    What’s the best courier to send my board with?

    The best courier company to send your board within Australia is TNT. As electric skateboards contain Dangerous Goods items, we recommend getting in touch with our dispatch team to get assistance in shipping your board safely.

    (07) 5593 4999 line 3 or dispatch@evolveskateboards.com.au

    Have you received my board?

    We send out a notification once we receive a service board, once the work has been completed and when the invoice has been paid. Please check your emails before contacting our team.


    Can I leave my board on charge overnight?

    The charger does have an automatic cut-off for when the board is fully charged, however we recommend unplugging them as soon as they are charged as a precaution.

    How should I store my board if I’m going away?

    The board should be between 40 and 50% charged and stored in a cool dry environment. It’s a good idea to clean the board and make sure no moisture is present before storing it.

    How long will my boards battery last before it needs to be replaced?

    Lithium Ion batteries can last up to 700-1000 cycles, however capacity will drop over time. Samsung 35e cells have an expected capacity drop of 40% after around 500 cycles. Generally, the batteries will last 2-3 years before significant loss of capacity. All battery life can vary depending on conditions surrounding its use and storage.

    Exposing lithium ion batteries to extreme temperatures (high or low) will have an effect on them so try to keep the battery at normal temperatures. Although they shouldn’t develop a charge memory, it is healthy to run the battery down and recharge it opposed to constantly topping the battery up, and if being stored for a period of time, the battery is best left between 40 and 50% charged, leaving them fully charged for a long period of time has the potential to degrade the cells and leaving them empty or really low for a long time has the potential for the battery to drop below a rechargeable level.

    What is considered normal wear and tear on wheels?

    Wear on wheels can vary depending on their durometer, how they are used, and what sort of surfaces they are used on. A softer or larger wheel will be more prone to chipping due to their construction, and rough, hot or sharp surfaces have the potential to chew into the wheels. If you believe your wheels are wearing irregularly, please contact support@evolveskateboards.com.au.

    I’m not getting the advertised range, what’s going on?

    Many factors can affect range such as rider weight, riding style, riding terrain, elevation gain, wheel and gear setup, belt tensions, tyre pressures, bearing condition and even ambient temperature. If you believe your range is uncharacteristically low and have considered all the above mentioned potential causes please contact us at support@evolveskateboards.com.au.

    Why does the switch on my board continually flash?

    The switch only has two settings, flash or off, it does not become solid at any point.

    Why don’t the motors stop at the same time?

    The main factors in this are the resistance from the drivetrain which is usually caused by the belt tensions as it is difficult to get the tensions exactly the same (and isn’t important to have them exact but is healthy to have them similar) but it could also be from the bearings, so make sure to check to see if they all spin freely. The motors stopping at different times usually isn’t something to be concerned about, but can be used to indicate a problem bearing or incorrect belt tensions before they become an issue.

    How do I order parts that aren’t on the site?

    If you need a part you cannot order through the site, please contact us at support@evolveskateboards.com.au.

    How do I replace the grip on my board?

    We recommend following our Youtube tutorial on this.


    You can find a quick reference video guide for resetting your remote trigger values for the GT R-2 remote here and for the GTR and Stoke R-2 Bluetooth remote here

    How do I access the cells/motor/version/triggers screen on my GT’s R2 remote?

    • For all extra screens, start by going into ‘More Info’ on the remote, double tap the ‘E’ button, scroll down to the ‘More Info’ screen and then tap the ‘E’ button again to enter it.
    • Cells -Then to get into the cells screen, whilst holding in the ‘Up’ button, double tap the ‘E’ button. It should read total voltage, amperage draw and the voltage for 10 individual cells.
    • Version/Motor Draw – Double tap the ‘E’ button, then double tap the up button. This should bring you into a new screen, with either V1 or V2 in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Double tapping the ‘E’ button with change between V1 and V2.
    • Trigger screen – Double tap the ON/OFF button, followed by double tapping the down button, twice, for four pushes in total. - This can be a bit fiddly. It will bring up a trigger value screen, this will look something like this:
      • Acc Trigger: 2500 (this will be a variable amount depending on how you pull the trigger)
      • Brake Trigger: 1300 (this will be a variable amount depending on how you push the trigger)
      • Throttle: (This will be a variable amount, but should be between 0 and 50 with no input)
      • Change Acc Pol: -
      • Set Acc Min: 1300*
      • Set Acc Max: 2400*
      • Change Brake Pol:  +
      • Set Brake Min: 1400*
      • Set Brake Max: 2500*
      • Return

      *Denotes approximate value.

    • GT
    • For all extra screens, start by going into ‘More Info’ on the remote. To do this, double tap the left button, then go down to ‘More Info’ using the left button again, then click the right button to enter it.
    • Cells: Then to get to the cells screen, double tap the right button then press and hold the left button. It should read total voltage, amperage draw and the voltage for 10 individual cells.
    • Version/Motor Draw: Next, double tap the right button, then double tap the left button. This should bring you into a new screen, with either V1 or V2 on the screen. Double tapping the right button with change between V1 and V2.


    Why won’t my remote pair?

    • GT with GT remote: Check to make sure both the board and remote are on, press and hold the left button till the pairing symbol flashes in the top centre of the screen, if it doesn’t then connect and go solid within 2-3 minutes, check the version. Older GT’s from mid 2017 or earlier may pair in V1, anything newer will pair in V2. If they still won’t pair, contact your regional distributor.
    • GT with R2 remote: Check to make sure both the board and remote are on, press and hold the ‘UP/MODE 1’ button till the pairing symbol flashes in the top centre of the screen, if it doesn’t then connect and go solid within 2-3 minutes, check the version. Older GT’s from mid 2017 or earlier may pair in V1, anything newer will pair in V2. If they still won’t pair, next step is to try a trigger reset. If they still won’t pair after that, contact your regional distributor.
    • Gen 2 board and remote: Check to make sure both the board and remote are on, press the left button and it should initiate pairing, if it doesn’t connect, contact your regional distributor.
    • Gen 1 board and remote: Check to make sure both the board and remote are on, press the right button and it should initiate pairing, if it doesn’t connect, contact your regional distributor.


    Why won’t my remote change modes/turn off?

    • GT Remote: If the remote won’t change modes or turn off, start by checking for any errors that may be on the main screen, if none appear, see if holding the trigger at different points that don’t activate braking or accelerator in case the gimble is damaged and is registering 0 in the wrong place. If this is the case, we recommend replacing the remote. If an error comes up, contact your regional distributor.
    • R2 Remote: If the remote won’t change modes or turn off, start by checking for any errors that may be in the ‘More Info’ screen. If there is an error, contact your regional distributor. If there is no error, perform a trigger reset with the board off and this should alleviate the concern.


    Why does my remote only turn on when it’s plugged into the charger?

    This would generally indicate a fault within the remote, usually related to water damage or extreme temperatures, we recommend contacting your regional distributor.

    I have an error Bat Drain/Bat Error/Maintain Bat/Motor Err, what does this mean?

    • Batt Drain’ is displayed when the battery voltage drops below threshold for operation. i.e. battery is detected as being depleted.
If the motor controller detects the battery as being depleted for any reason, ‘Batt Drain’ may be displayed on the remote screen and you may be unable to change modes. We recommend contacting support@evolveskateboards.com.au with as much information as you can, such as when it’s occurring and a photo of the cells screen on the remote.
    • ‘Batt Err’ displayed on the remote is generally related to communication between the motor controller and BMS via the UART connection. The fault can be triggered if there is broken connection of the UART harness (4 wire harness between BMS and motor controller), or if the BMS is not reading or supplying correct battery cell information.
When triggered, speed mode will be limited and performance reduced. We recommend contacting support@evolveskateboards.com.au with as much information as you can, such as when it’s occurring and a photo of the cells screen on the remote.
    • ‘Maintain Batt’ is generally triggered by an imbalance between battery cell voltages. Often the error will only occur under load or after the board has been placed under load, as this is when weaker cells are more likely to drop voltage quicker than others.
When an imbalance of usually 0.3V or more is detected between cells, ‘Maintain Batt’ is usually displayed on the remote screen. Speed modes are then limited until power is cycled off and on. If the condition is detected again, the same error will be displayed. We recommend contacting your regional distributor with as much information as you can, such as when it’s occurring and a photo of the cells screen on the remote.
    • ‘Motor 1 Err’, ‘Motor 2 Err’ or ‘Motor 1&2 Err’ is generally triggered by a motor or motor controller concern, however a ‘Motor 1 Err’ can occur on ONE boards as they only run a Motor 2 and can be ignored. A ‘Motor 1&2 Err’ can also occur when using an R2 remote if the trigger setting are incorrect as it sends mixed signals to the motor controller, in which case you can perform a trigger reset. If neither of these are the cause, perform a motor diagnostic as per our YouTube video, and/or contact your regional distributor.


    Why won’t my board leave SAFE/SLOW/ECO?

    If your board/remote is stuck in a certain mode, start by checking for any errors, which will be displayed on the main screen of a GT remote or in ‘More Info’ on an R2 remote. If an error shows up, contact support@evolveskateboards.com.au or refer above. If it’s an R2 remote not changing modes, and no error is present, go through a trigger reset and test, if the concern persists, contact support@evolveskateboards.com.au.

    My board won’t turn on, what can I do?

    A board not turning on can be caused by many factors, if you have been riding aggressively or in hot conditions and the board has turned off and won’t turn back on, it may be the heat protection in the board in which case the board should be left to cool down then it should turn back on. The battery could also be depleted, in which case charging the board should allow you to turn it back on. If it’s neither of these, you can check all the connections internally following our YouTube videos or contact support@evolveskateboards.com.au.

    My motor works when I’m not on the board, but when I’m on the board, it spins but doesn’t go anywhere, what can I do?

    If the silver shaft is slipping within the housing, so the black/gold housing spins but the cog and belt don't, you can loosen the four 2mm grub screws on the non-drive side of the motor, apply a thread-locker to them such as Loctite, and then put them back in as tight as possible without damaging the screw or allen key. This should alleviate your concern and should be a permanent fix, if it reoccurs or doesn’t alleviate your concern, contact support@evolveskateboards.com.au.

    What is the difference between V1 and V2 on the R2 remote?

    Depending on the age of the board it could pair in V1 or V2, as we have evolved over time the technology we use for connections has as well. Boards from mid 2017 or earlier with the original motor controller may pair in V1, boards after that should pair in V2. An R2 remote will pair with any GT board, some GT remotes may need to be updated or backdated to suit certain boards and this is beyond the difference of V1 and V2, if your GT remote won’t pair in either version, contact support@evolveskateboards.com.au with your ‘Product ID’ of the board, this can be found in ‘More Info’ on a remote when connected to a board.


    R2 Remote Manual

    GTR Manual

    Stoke Manual



    How do I maintain my board?

    If you regularly clean and maintain your electric longboard, it will last a long time and ride at its best:

    Always clean your bearings for best roll and quietest/ smoothest ride. Bearings get dirty and affect ride quality which may reduce battery performance and cause possible bearing failure.

    Always check all screws/nuts throughout the skateboard are tight (truck nuts, wheel nuts etc). You are responsible for this.

    Rotate the wheels on the skateboard as you would do so with any longboard skateboard, as the drive wheels will wear the fastest.

    Regularly clean & check the belt and drive gear for any damage. Replace if necessary.

    Always store your board at room temperature.

    Clean your board from dust and dirt so its looks and rides as new at all times. Use a damp & dry cloth to clean.

    Make sure motors are clean and free of excess play or strange noises. If they get really hot whilst riding, give them some time to cool down.

    For more details and video guides check out our YouTube playlist with all our How To guides.

    How do I maintain my battery?

    Your battery and therefore your board, should always be stored at room temperature. Excessive heat can permanently affect or damage the battery. The board does have heat protection software in place should this occur whilst riding to prevent the battery from overheating.

    If left in a hot car, hot environment or exposed to other factors that may cause excessive heat, the heat protection software can’t reduce temperatures, and your battery may be affected.

    Cold temperatures will affect battery life and power output. If you are riding in low temperatures you may experience lower range, top speed and acceleration. Exposing the battery to excessively low temperatures may have a permanent effect or cause damage.

    The battery cannot charge past 42 volts as the charger has voltage cutoff detection installed, however we recommend removing it from charge once the charger shows green.

    If you will not be using your battery for a prolonged period of 3 MONTHS OR MORE, it is recommended to STORE IT BETWEEN 40 AND 50%. Leaving it fully charged and unused can result in permanent loss of total capacity. If the battery is stored near depleted for a prolonged period of time, it may drop to an unrecoverable voltage.


    R2 Remote Manual

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    Stoke Manual