Orangatang Kegel Wheel Kit (80mm 80a Orange)

A super grippy wheel to suit the aggressive rider, or the beginner rider alike! 

The Orangatang Kegel is your ticket to high-speed steamroller action and the obliteration of a variety of small mammals. The large 80mm diameter generates high roll speeds while a moderate width of 56 mm allows for a versatile balance of traction and slide response. A cantilevered outer lip with a straight profile is pliable enough to hug the road for grip while also ensuring consistent performance as the wheel wears. The shorter inner lip features a subtle inward bevel for race-worthy traction and predictable drifts. A fully-exposed 46mm core with a deep “valley”-shaped cross section reduces weight while providing good acceleration, lots of momentum, and crisp slides. 

  • Height: 80mm
  • Durometer: 80a
  • Contact Patch: 56mm
  • Square Lipped Wheels
  • Orange with Lime Green Hub


Includes 2x Drive Gears and 1x Complete set of Bearings.

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