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Join the electric skateboard revolution in Brisbane

Brisbane is quickly becoming one of Australia’s most forward-thinking cities when it comes to transport, and electric skateboards are here for the revolution. Light to carry, simple to control, quick to master and designed with innovation in mind, electric skateboards tick every box when it comes to getting around in Queensland’s state capital.

Brisbane is home to some great bike paths and walkways to ride on and explore. The Brisbane River is perfect for snaking your way from one end of the city to another, while the more adventurous might choose the tackle the incline up Mt Coot-Tha for a stunning sunrise or sunset view.

But what makes electric skateboards so versatile and unique is that you can enjoy the thrill of getting outdoors every day of the week. Forget getting stuck in traffic or dreading your time spent on public transport. Add a little bit of thrill to your day on your commute to work or during that last mile of travel from PT to your destination. You can also forget about those sunny days stuck inside as you carve up the pavement and enjoy the freedom of exploring the city in ways you never thought possible in the space of a lunch break.

Work your way up or hit the pavement like a pro

You don’t need to be a pro skater to see the value of a quality electric skateboard for sale in Brisbane. Electric skateboards are versatile and easy to learn, making them perfect for those who get out regularly, as well as those who might not have hit the pavement in a while. All you need is a sense of adventure and a desire to get more from your experiences in the everyday.

Electric skateboards are perfect for the commuter who wants to save some time as well as the skater who wants to carve it up just for fun. Our All-Terrain modification kit means you’ll get the most out of your electric skateboard, whether you’re heading to your 9 to 5 or hitting up a dirt track for a wicked Sunday sesh.

Brisbane’s premier electric skateboard shop

Evolve Skateboards have been designed to meet the needs of getting that perfect ride on a surfboard, snowboard or on land, with the practicality of everyday use. Whether you’re looking for that old-fashioned longboard appeal, sleek carbon-fibre that can carve any terrain, or you’re a purist looking for a killer kicktail, we’ll have something for you.

But forget what we want. Skating is about finding that perfect ride for you. So, if you’re looking for your perfect set of wheels, we’ll let you build it. From the deck, terrain, speed, wheels and more, you can customise your electric skateboard to exactly what you want.